A poker night to remember

Finally, we made it! As I said, sometimes I gather my friends to play some poker. We usually don’t play much anymore, since we all have different lives nowadays with families and commitments. But last night we actually gathered again to play some real live poker, which was the first time in several months. A new guy was with us, David. He was kind of quite, but boy could he play! After just two hours, he had earned almost half of all the the money at the table in winnings. And you know what he did then? He left! After two hours! We usually play until late night, so if a poker night lasts for 9 hours it’s not extraordinary. But I’ll guess this guy won’t get the chance to repeat his performance, because we all got very annoyed when he stood up and said that he had promised his wife to be home at a certain time. We all had a feeling he was lying and that he just wanted to keep the money and prevent us from enjoying ourselves. It wasn’t a lot of money, we never play high stakes, but still…

Since the atmosphere got kind of strange when the guy left and some of the money were gone, we decided to take an early night. One of my friends stayed a little bit longer and we started to check for hotels in Las Vegas. I think my wife has agreed to let me go during World Series of Poker, so we checked to see if the Golden Nugget had some rooms available during the tournament series. And they actually did. We haven’t booked yet, but we’re about to soon. We just want to compare a few other prices first to see which hotel that will suit us best. Since Golden Nugget is a classic hotel, it would be fun to stay there – “Experience Downtown Luxury” it says on Golden Nugget’s website.

We will also search for the possibility to win a seat online. A lot of poker rooms usually provides travel packages to side events, some of them even to Main Event. These packages usually includes a nice hotel (not in Downtown though, where we want to stay). Therefore we have to book a hotel that we can cancel, if we might win a package. That’s often a little more expensive if you want to be able to cancel, but I think it’s worth it. I’m pretty sure we won’t win a package anyway….

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