My god!

Last night I played a tournament online and won! I actually got around $500 in first prize!!! Amazing!!! The buy-in was only $20, so we were a lot of participants which made the whole thing more fun.

I actually got AA three times during the tournament, which is incredible, but I believe it wasn’t just the cards that made my winnings. I actually thought I played very well if I can say so myself. I made every move correct, thinking about the pot odds, position and the rest of the players. I had an aggressive player to my right when reaching the final table, and he (or she, but I got the impression it was a he) was a bit difficult to handle because. He was very unpredictable, but I tried to keep calm and play my cards right, not taking to many chances. Of course I was bluffing a few times, that’s a must when playing poker, but I got pretty good cards, so I didn’t have to take very big chances. And what do you know, it obviously paid out! :)

The tournament took a couple of hours, so I guess my wife won’t be very glad if I consider playing tonight again. But I really want to! Perhaps I can share my winnings from yesterday with her and try to bribe her. I have set my sight on a tournament with a $32 buy-in that’s a satellite to a live tournament. Not World Series of Poker unfortunately, but I think it was a ticket to a final in which packages to MPNPT was in the pot. I’m not sure it was this live tournament, I will have to look it up but when I quickly read about it everything sounded good. I hope I can give it a go!

On Sunday I will play another tournament, Spela Poker Mania, which I normally do every Sunday. I have played almost every Sunday for a couple of years now, so it’s become a tradition. Buy in is just around €5 and it’s over €500 added so I think it’s a good value. It’s through the site