Welcome to High Stakes Poker!

Here we talk about everything that relates to poker High Stakes Poker. It can be about the television-show, about the feeling when winning a poker game, what to think about when playing high stakes poker and the feeling of loosing in high stakes poker. I will talk about some of my favorite poker players which aren’t afraid of playing high stakes poker! Players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth and Viktor Blom are among my favorites.

You can play high stakes poker online or in a live casino. All you need is to have a lot of cash in hand… For example, in the television show High Stakes Poker the minimum cash buy in were $100 000 but were later raised to $500 000.

I will also discuss some of the worlds largest tournaments. Like The Big One for One Drop which has a $1 000 000 buy in. In 2012 the tournament was won by Antonio Esfandiari, who then got the largest cash prize in the history of poker. He won $18 346 673, an amount you can only dream of! The tournament is played every second year during World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. During this tournament poker players from all around the world gathers in Las Vegas to prove their skill. I would really like to go there some day. Main Event costs $10 000, so perhaps one day I can fulfill my dream of playing there.

Poker is a game of skill but also a bit of luck. There are a lot of books to improve your game and also television shows. Poker Players love to share their knowledge for a bit of extra cash. One of my favorite shows are Poker After Dark and I usually follow tournaments all around the world live stream. It’s interesting to analyze the game when you see the hole cards.

Anyway, welcome to my blog, hope you will enjoy it!