Poker 2Poker is a very popular game to play online and on real live casinos. Tournaments and cash games are played all over the world and with internet it’s possible to play against people in other countries without having to travel anywhere.

Poker was invented during the 19th century, but the modern tournament play became popular during the 1970s. It was then World Series of Poker begun. I guess everyone has heard of Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim and Johnny Moss who were the champions from the early WSOP-tournaments.

Poker became more popular during the 21st century when hole card cameras and online poker were introduced. Especially when Chris Moneymaker won World Series of Poker in 2003, since he proved that everyone is able to win without having to be a poker pro.

There has been a lot of television programs about poker, for example High Stakes Poker which was aired from 2006-2011. The format was a high stakes cash game, which made the program quite different comparing to other programs that broadcasted tournaments.

There are several poker games and today the most popular game is Texas No Limit Hold’em. But there are also other variants like Seven-card poker, Five-card draw and Omaha.

When playing online poker there are a lot of poker rooms to choose from. PokerStars is the largest and most dominated and they also arrange it’s own live tournaments series, for example the European Poker Tour, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour and the Latin Poker Tour. Everyone who can pay the buy in are welcome to play, or if you succeed to qualify for a seat online.

There are also other poker networks that arrange it’s own tournaments, for example the MPN Poker Tour and the Grand Live.

Poker is quite easy to learn, the most important things to remember that it involves betting and that the hand ranking is as follow:

Straight flush
Four of a kind
Full house
Three of a kind
Two pair
One pair
High card

As a beginner I wouldn’t recommend high stakes games. It takes several years of practice before you are ready to play high stakes, otherwise you risk to loose a lot.