World Series of Poker

WSOPI would really love to go to Las Vegas this summer! A while ago the schedule for World Series of Poker 2016 was released and this year the tournament series will include even more poker events! The tournament will take place at Rio All-Suit Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as usual between 31st of May and 18th of July. The final table in Main Event will be played in October/November and what joy it must to be one of the nine that will take their seats…. This year I’ve read that Main Event will have more starting chips than before. All $10 000 events will have 50 000 in starting chips.

Another great thing about this year’s tournaments is that more places will be paid. The payout will increase to 15% of the field, before it was 10 %.

I read this about the changes at

Revamping the Places Paid in events – to increase payouts to 15% of the field.
In the Money Earlier – With payouts increasing to 15% of the field, wsop expect to reach the money earlier in events.
New Start Times – The majority of events have been to 11am and 3pm starts – up one hour from previous.
Five Times Starting Chips – All $10,000 buy-in events this year will get 50,000 starting chips – including the Main Event
Structure Tweaks – WSOP have provided structure sheets for each event on the schedule page.

This year there will be 69 official gold bracelets events. How cool would it be to play in one? I honestly consider the Colossus event, because the buy in is only $565, which I can afford. Of course that also means that a lot of players will participate in this event, so I’ll guess my chance of getting paid is very low. But since they have increased the places paid, you’ll never know. I thought I read though, that 22 000 players participated last year. But I can be wrong about this number because it sounds incredible. Anyway, I think the prize pool will be $7 million in this event this year. That’s a lot!

If I’m going to Vegas I think I will have to start to prepare my family now. World Series of Poker will be played during 50 days, so I can go time during this period if my family will let me. Even if I won’t play it would be fun to watch and perhaps see some of the great players in action. It would be great to see Doyle Brunson of course! And Phil Hellmuth – what if he wins another bracelet and sets his own record – again! I think he has 14 now, which is more than any other poker player In the world. I would be glad to just get one….

I think a friend of mine is also considering going to Las Vegas this summer so hopefully I can join him. We have found a Swedish poker guide that provides useful information about Las Vegas. This time we are thinking about staying in Downtown, since we read that the casinos in Downtown are a bit looser concerning the rules and a bit cheaper when placing bets. It’s also a nice atmosphere there. If we decide to play in World Series of Poker, a cab is always an easy way to get around in Las Vegas.